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Why has a merger or acquisition of a business become a business life-saving solution? If a business faces closure and staff lay-offs as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown and downturn of the economy - look for a buyer, or merge with another company, instead of throwing in the towel and lose everything. If a business remained successful, and has some capital to invest – now is the time to expand and grow bigger and better. Acquire a business that may add to an existing lack of economies of scale, or a sought after segment of the market, skills or diversity that positively enhance its bottom line earnings. Or merge with that company. Even with inadequate capital, a merger can work perfectly, or some innovative funding models could be implemented, such as section 12J venture capital funds, private placements, public offerings, even crypto lending. Finding the right acquisition, buyer or merger, structuring of the deal, the funding thereof and effective tax structuring are required, with supporting services that includes financial advisors, personnel consultants, retirement fund advisors, debt funding consultants, public relations and marketing support.

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